Storage starts with Duraline. Duraline offers a wide range of storage solutions from wall shelving, invisibly supported shelving, shelf supports, rail systems and storage racks; all in a style and finish which look perfect in various interior styles and spaces ranging from kitchens and bathrooms to bedrooms.  

You can cleverly utilize wall space with trendy shelves to display your favorite photographs and memories, or organize your garage with Duraline storage solutions by creating a storage system with upright systems, storage baskets and hooks. A tidy home reflects a tidy mind... Make space for things that really matter.

Modern &
functional storage solutions

The Duraline collection offers an extensive range of home decoration and storage solutions. A tidy home reflects a mindful spirit ... make room for things that really matter.

The perfect shelf
for your interior

Trendy, modern or classic. We provide a fitting solution for every interior. From solid shelves with bark edge to matt black brackets. We are always up-to-date about the newest trends and there is always a style that fits your interior.

The latest trend
"Working from home"

The new trend all over Europe: home office. Duraline provides different solutions for creating a comfortable working space in your house. Using our wall rails systems or a more decorative collapsible wall desk.

Back to nature
Natural wooden shelves

Solid wall shelves or shelves with real wood veneer. These products are made with care by true craftsman. In the Duraline collection you can find them in the floating shelves and shelves and brackets range.