Interior styles

What is your interior style?
You choose, reflect and combine. That's how you create your own interior style. And whatever that style is, Duraline has the handiest storage equipment for every room in the home. Our collection has been split into 5 different style groups to make searching and choosing easier: Basic, Modern, Snug and Cosy, Modern Design, Classically Snug and Cosy.


Less is more, particularly in your interior. You like to keep things understated and restrained, functional and practical. Comfortable and easy to maintain materials with flowing lines and simple shapes. You choose neutral colours that are easy to combine with timeless accessories. Your interior style is basic.

Strong lines and pleasingly symmetrical shapes. You keep your rooms spacious and clearly organised and you like bold and simple lines. Combined with trendy items and attractive, luxurious accessories. The furniture generally features flat surfaces and high gloss finishes with simple handles or no handles at all. Sometimes in combination with high quality plastic, stainless steel or concrete. Find out more about the modern interior style here.

Snug and Cosy
Nature as a source of inspiration for your interior. You choose warm, natural tints in combination with materials like cotton, wool and linen. Your keywords are comfortable, inviting, honest and robust. You like rustic with a hint of romance and lived-in nonchalance. Your interior style is snug and cosy.

Modern Design

Have you combined large expanses of glass with plastic, steel or high-gloss materials in your home? In black, white or grey tints and often with a striking colour accent? With a beautiful, minimalistically styled leather couch? Do you choose sober, functional and spacious? If so, Modern Design is your interior style.

Classically Snug and Cosy
Bling-bling, stylish and generous. You enjoy a luxurious look and feel. You combine purple or silver and warm natural wood colours with a magnificent chandelier above a fully laid, generously dimensioned table. In a baroque and intimate style. Traditional, but with a contemporary slant. You feel at home with the Classically Snug and Cosy interior style

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